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What is a Round Robin Bet?

How to Place a Round Robin Bet?

A Round Robin Bet is a three selection wager based on 10 bets:  3 doubles, 1 treble and 3 up-and-down single stakes about pairs (SSA).

The Round Robin consists of the following parts:

Part Selection (1-3) Number of Bets
Double 12, 13, 23 3
Treble 123 1
Up and Down SSA 12, 13, 23 6
Total 10


Calculating the Returns

A return on this bet is guaranteed if at least one winner is selected.  However, the disadvantage is that the stakes are higher in comparison with other bets.   The Round Robin is often thought of as a Trixie as it has 3 up-and-down single stakes about pairs added and so is very similar to a Patent.  Each selection appears in two up-and-down SSA bets, a treble and two doubles.  If any selection loses the returns can be dramatically reduced.

The winnings can be calculated by long hand but most people prefer to use a calculation tool such as our Round Robin Bet Calculator.

To understand how the returns are affected by different outcomes, why not enter different odds or change the stake on our Round Robin Bet Calculator and see how the returns are affected.


Here are some useful terms and links:

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